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With almost forty years in the design world, Irwin Feld eschews a unique perspective to his role as Creative Director at CF MODERN.  Although the world of home design is not new to him, Irwin began his career after college in the fashion industry in sales at a private label shirt firm.  Unhappy with the product he was given to sell, Irwin began designing a collection that was immediately received and changed the face of his company from conservative to progressive.  Over his five years there, Irwin created a women’s division, forged a collaboration with French designer Chantal Thomass, channeling her vision for the American market, taught himself how to design textiles and prints and raised the company to new heights.

In 1983, Irwin joined his wife Marcy and created Marcy Feld Accessories which became a powerhouse in the fashion jewelry market.  His unparalleled approach to jewelry design was immediately received and Marcy Feld pieces could be found in the top department and specialty stores across the globe.  He implemented the same strategy in targeting private label powerhouses as he had done with shirts and blouses became a mainstream among retail giants.    

In 1997, due to the influx of imports, Irwin and Marcy folded the company and Irwin set his sights on his passion; home design.  Beginning with a pro bono project renovating a nursery school, Irwin honed his skills as a design professional and learned he had the gift for changing people’s lives by enhancing their physical surroundings.  Continuing on that journey, Irwin was sought out for major home and commercial projects including more pro bono work for children.  He became a keen listener to the wants and dreams of children, taking heart to their words and creating environments that channeled the ideas of children and blended them with pragmatic solutions. 

An avid collector, Irwin began to expand his scope and set up shop in a Stamford Ct., antiques center where he pioneered his Mid-Century aesthetic and curated a collection that would lead him to become one of Fairfield Counties most influential dealers and success stories, topping sales records unheard of in 2004 and 2005.

His quick expansion into the furniture market led to the opening of Irwin Feld Design, a freestanding gallery in the South End of Stamford.  It was there that he cultivated a clientele that reached local designers and through the globalization of the internet, became an international player.  From 2006-2015, Irwin Feld Design became the premier destination for all things modern expanding his offerings to include fine art, lighting and unique decorative objects.

In 2011, seeing another niche, Irwin teamed up with good friend Steve Cassler to create CF MODERN, a luxury brand to offer a unique product produced domestically tailored to the specifications of the design community.  By 2013, the collection had expanded and CF MODERN set its sights on New York City and opened their first showroom in the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Ave.  Within months, they outgrew the showroom and relocated to Suite 510 where CF MODERN is now headquartered. 

The CF MODERN collection continues to expand with Irwin at the helm reinventing ideas once brought forth by Twentieth Century masters.  His interpretation of Mid Century design and his merchandising skills have enabled CF MODERN to become a formidable firm with a progressive product, the sum parts of his lifelong dedication to beauty and excellence in design.